How to Identify a Tritium Exit Sign

If your exit signs contain tritum gas it is important that you handle it properly and dispose of it per US NRC regulations when it expires. The exit sign below shows some of the key characteristics of tritium containing exit signs.

White knockout letters
Dark colored background
Glow in the dark tubes
US NRC safety label
US NRC Safety Label Info
This label, which is attached to each tritium exit sign, will list all of the information needed to complete your tritium exit sign inventory sheet.

Handling Tritium Exit Signs

If possible, turn the lights in the room off before removing a tritium sign. If a tritium-filled tube is broken or damaged that letter on the sign will be dark.
Wear water-resistant gloves as a precautionary measure. If the tritium tubes break, you can avoid absorption of the tritium through your hands.

Handle intact signs carefully, especially when installing or removing the sign. Most signs are damaged when being installed or removed.
If you damage a sign, do not attempt to handle it. Immediately inform your safety officer or call your state's radiation control program.

Tritium Packaging Instructions

Inspect for Damage If any of the signs are damaged, TritiumDisposal must be notified in writing prior to shipping. Please provide photos and a written description of the damage. The information we are looking for includes: Has the sign been damaged to the point that the light sources are accessible? Are any lights loose, missing, no longer glowing, or broken?
Pack Your Signs Pack the signs in a clean, new, never-used cardboard box. The US NRC requires that the box be sturdy enough to withstand normal shipping procedures. There are to be no more than 10 signs in each box. If you have more than 10 signs, do not divide them evenly between boxes. Each box except for the final box is to contain 10 signs.
Include a Packing Slip Each serial number log should accurately reflect the sign inventory of each individual box and act as its packing slip.  The manufacturer name, manufacture date, model number, serial number, and activity (measured in Ci or TBq) can be found on a yellow warning sticker on the back or side of each sign.
Special Markings Each box must be marked with the required shipping labels. Use a large black marker and write the following information:
  • RGA Number (provided by TritiumDisposal)
  • The USDOT excepted package label "UN2911"
  • Box numbers, marked as “1 of x”, “2 of x”, etc
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