How Do I Dispose of My Tritium Exit Signs?

Complete your disposal agreement forms.

  • Contact for a disposal quote.
  • Read and complete the Disposal Agreement and Serial Number Log.
  • Return both forms to via email or fax.
  • Once both forms are reviewed, will supply you with an RGA number, an NRC transfer notification letter, and detailed packaging/shipping instructions.

Prepare your exit signs for shipment.

  • Remove any mounting brackets, hardware, screws, or tape and wipe down each sign.
  • Double faced signs made by connecting two signs back-to-back are to be taken apart and shipped as two signs.
  • Signs with a model number B100 must have the housing push pins removed from the frame.
  • If any of the signs are damaged, TritiumDisposal must be notified in writing prior to shipping.

Ship your signs to our processing facility.

  • Package your signs according to's Packaging Instructions.
  • Ship your signs via UPS ground service whenever possible.
  • Fax or email your shipping confirmation to
  • Mail the transfer notification letter and serial number log to the USNRC office in DC.
  • If needed, call to obtain a confirmation of receipt and disposal letter.

How we make exit sign disposal easy for you!

We provide you with all the guidlines to safely handle and ship tritium exit signs.  We'll double check your paperwork to make sure everything is completed correctly.  We can also walk you step by step through the entire process over the phone, chat, or email.

We register your tritium exit sign disposal with the US NRC so they can remove your signs from the NRC's sign database.  We'll also provide you with a completed transfer notification letter that you will mail to both the NRC and your state agency.

We take full ownership and liability of your signs upon their arrival.  Once the signs have been processed, we provide you with a confirmation letter of receipt and disposal.

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