Tritium Exit Sign Disposal Made Safe, Fast, & Easy!

How Do I Dispose of My Tritium Exit Signs?

At we are dedicated to making your exit sign disposal service both quick and easy. We provide you with easy to follow instructions and complete virtually all of the necessary government paperwork for you. The process is simple:


Complete your disposal agreement and exit sign log forms.

  • Contact for a disposal quote.
  • Read and complete the Disposal Agreement and Serial Number Log.
  • Return both forms to via email or fax.
  • Once both forms are received and reviewed, will supply you with an RGA number, an NRC transfer notification letter, and detailed packaging/shipping instructions.

Prepare your signs for shipment.

  • Package your signs according to's Packaging Instructions.
  • Mail the transfer notification letter and serial number log to the USNRC office in Washington DC.

Ship your signs to our processing facility.

  • Ship your signs via UPS ground service whenever possible.
  • Fax or email your shipping confirmation to
  • If needed, call to obtain a confirmation of receipt and disposal letter.

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